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About Landcom

Landcom develops award-winning places for the people of NSW.

Landcom is a state-owned corporation that partners with the private sector to create quality residential communities that demonstrate leadership in sustainable urban development. At Landcom, their aim is to create innovative and productive places that demonstrate global standards of liveability, resilience, inclusion, affordability and environmental quality. Through Landcom's projects they aim to create a legacy of sustainable places for future generations, and they do this through their Sustainable Places Strategy.

Why is Landcom involved in the School?

With the objectives of award-winning places, quality residential communities and leadership in sustainable urban development, Landcom's involvement with the School means all of their suppliers can access the School’s comprehensive online learning environment. Providing access to the School’s wide range of freely-available e-learning modules means Landcom can support its broad network of small, medium and large suppliers and sub-contractors to develop their sustainability knowledge and competence.

How will this help meet Landcom's supplier requirements?

Organisations of all sizes are signing up to the School so they can grow the skills and knowledge of their people, make more informed, sustainable and cost-effective decisions, operate more efficiently and sustainably, and become more competitive in today’s market. Because the e-learning modules correspond directly to Landcom’s objectives, suppliers will be better placed to understand what these requirements mean to them and Landcom will be in a better position to meet the environmental, economic and social goals of their projects.

Now! What are the next steps?

As a supplier to Landcom we request that you follow these three simple steps:
  1. Register as a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School by clicking the link below – it’ll take you less than a minute and you'll be able to access all the learning resources immediately
  2. Do your ‘Self-Assessment’ to gauge your level of sustainability knowledge and create your own FREE Action Plan of relevant resources that you can access in your own time
  3. Stay up to date with the range of free resources available that will help you as a Landcom supplier, and which will help Landcom develop award-winning places.
As you’ll discover, signing up is easy and free, and your membership gives you access to a growing range of resources, materials, e-learning modules and templates.

From 2018, all new Landcom major works contracts will require contractors to be members of the School, and there will be an expectation they will undertake e-learning modules to advance knowledge and skills in environmental, social and economic sustainability issues that are important Landcom values.


And, if it's not already ticked, select 'Landcom NSW Supplier' (LNS) under 'Who do you supply to?'.
Or you can use the following hyperlink in communications, to encourage teams, clients and suppliers to join: