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The Sustainability Self Assessment

The Sustainability Self Assessment Tool has been designed to help you assess your company's current sustainability strengths and to identify the areas in which you can develop your competence. The tool is a self help tool and is completely confidential. We will not share your results, and a degree of judgement is required to score each question.

Please see our Code of Ethics which clearly states that the answers you input into your Self Assessment Tool will be available to you only and not visible to any other organisation.

The Tool examines your company's competence and level of knowledge across 10 key sustainability areas.  It is not about pre-qualification, however you may volunteer to share your action plan with potential customers as evidence of your continual improvement. A great aspect of the Tool is the review process and action planning, which represents a common approach from leading contractors. The contractors are keen to simplify this agenda and lessen the burden on you, the supplier.

The Self Assessment Tool is designed to assess your organisation’s sustainability competence.  It is aimed at people with some expertise in sustainability and a thorough knowledge of your organisation’s sustainability commitments.  It requires a high knowledge of your operation and organisation.  If you are part of a large organisation, you have the option of registering each of your business units as an individual member of the School. This will allow you to undertake unique self assessments for each of your business units. 

We are happy to help should you have any questions - just click on the help icon or 'more info' icons throughout the questionnaire.


Each question will include help text you can reference

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