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Results of the School's 2018 Annual Member Survey

In April 2018, the Supply Chain Sustainability School undertook a detailed industry survey in collaboration with research specialist HJBell Consulting. In total there were 185 participants (71% more than in 2017), with telephone interviews conducted with a number of contributors and industry leaders to provide more thorough responses to some questions.

This research is now publicly available, providing fascinating insights into levels of sustainability within Australia’s property, construction and infrastructure supply chains, and answering key questions including:

  • How are our supply chains improving?
  • Is sustainability knowledge becoming more important?
  • What motivates employees towards sustainability?
  • How embedded is organisational sustainability?
  • What makes sustainability programs successful?
  • What are the most sought-after sustainability topics?
  • Where are the current skills gaps?
  • What are people’s training preferences?
  • How valuable is the School as a resource?

You can read the outcomes of the research in different formats:

  1. A one-page 'fast facts' summary with infographics and relevant quotes
  2. A three-page summary document highlighting the most important findings
  3. The full research findings with more detailed information
  4. Appendix A - The questionnaire used to undertake the research
You can read the 24 July 2018 Media Release about the results here.

You can also see the results of the School's 2017 Annual Member Survey here.

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