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Terms & Conditions of School use for a Member

We are not going to ask you to click a box full of thousands of words, just agree to the 6 simple statements below and enter into the spirit of building our sustainability for the good of the wider industry.

  • I confirm I am completing on behalf of my company or business unit, not as an individual.
  • I will use the training materials and resources for the benefit of my company not for resale or other commercial purposes.
  • I understand that all responses that I enter will be kept confidential by the School, not shared with any partners, contractors or third parties and only used by the school to help target appropriate sustainability advice.
  • I will answer all statements accurately to help ensure the support I am signposted to is as appropriate as possible.
  • I understand that this does not form part of any pre-qualification process and therefore does not guarantee any new business.
  • I understand that the partners accept no liability for the services offered and that I will use the advice provided at my own risk