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Self Assessment Tool

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The Sustainability Self Assessment

The Self Assessment Tool has been designed to help you assess your company's current sustainability knowledge and strengths, and to identify areas in which you can develop your competence. Responses should represent your organisation or business unit, rather than an individual's knowledge. The Tool is aimed at people with a thorough knowledge of your organisation's sustainability commitments with some expertise in sustainability.  

The Step by Step process is;

  1. Register to be a member of the School – there is no cost, and you will have access to lots of free training resources
  2. Complete the Self Assessment Tool – the Tool will select questions relevant to your area of supply or sub-contract, potential sustainability impact and size of your business

    Example question;


    Each question will include help text you can reference

    Sustainable construction policy
    choose item

  3. Remember, it’s confidential – so be as honest with your self assessment as possible. This will allow you to access the support which is most relevant to you and your potential customers.
  4. You can save your assessment at any time and login in later to complete it.
  5. Alternatively in some organisations you may require colleague(s) to complete sections, to do this simply add them to your account through the invite colleagues tab in your account area.
  6. Once completed, the School will automatically generate for you a prioritised company action plan.
  7. You can reassess yourself at any stage – but to improve your assessment in any area, you will need to complete the evidence box to enable a higher standard to be achieved.
  8. On completion of a re-assessment, you will receive a further action plan and the cycle of continuous improvement becomes embedded.
  9. Should you have any questions, please contact