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Local Community and Economy

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The ‘Local Community and Economy’ section focuses on how property, construction and infrastructure projects can be more than ‘a good neighbour’ and leave a lasting, positive legacy. Developers, builders and contractors should strive to minimise disruption during construction works, ensure local communities are engaged and local suppliers are given full and fair opportunities to benefit from the project and promote community engagement. 

Local community and economy considerations can be embedded throughout the construction or infrastructure project. Clients, developers and main contractors are increasingly required to address community and local economic considerations, along with sustainability, during the design and planning stages of projects. It is important for suppliers to understand their contractors’ commitments to local community and the economy, to meet minimum standards and support continuous improvement.

Key elements relating to local community and economy that are often considered in best practice construction and infrastructure projects include:

  • Ensuring community engagement and consultation occurs both in the planning and construction phases
  • Delivering employment, training and skills development opportunities, mainly in the construction phase
  • Providing volunteering and mentoring programs and services
  • Maximising supplier engagement and diversity.