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Knowledge Partner


Established in late 2006, Pointsbuild was initially founded to provide approved compliance-based training for builders, with a focus on those in regional and remote areas for which there has been a distinct lack of credible training and education options.
Pointsbuild has grown from one of Australia’s first approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training providers for the Australian building and construction industry to now be the leader of online CPD, education and training services across Australia for construction and building professionals.
Pointsbuild offers over 130 courses to the construction industry, including sustainability courses such as energy efficiency and water management, to ensure builders know the regulations and have the proper credentials. Addressing sustainability throughout the supply chain and including education in smart planning and sustainable design is critical to managing both the industry’s success and its environmental, economic and social impacts. Recently, Pointsbuild was awarded the winner of the Sustainability & Innovation Award at the Young and District Business Awards.
Pointsbuild is the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s first Knowledge Partner, promoting the School’s free sustainability learning resources whilst offering complementary and advanced courses accessible through Pointsbuild’s online training platform.