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Is it Time to Do Some Procurement Housekeeping?

Materials, Modern Slavery, Sustainability Strategy, Sustainable Procurement

Published 19th Jul 20 - by Hayley Jarick

Willow Aliento spoke with School CEO, Hayley Jarick, and CIPS Australia and New Zealand GM, Sharon Morriss, about how to turn COVID-19 challenges into opportunities.

Recent disruptions, including COVID-19, regulatory changes, and product compliance concerns, have put the spotlight on procurement and supply chains for construction businesses. According to procurement experts, there are ways to turn these challenges into opportunities through undertaking some supply chain housekeeping.

Procurement practices have a major influence on the success and profitability of a construction business and its projects. As recent events have shown, relying on the same products and suppliers from project to project may not always be the best approach.

“Procurement needs to be placed at the heart of this solution, building robust supply chains that are fit for the future.” – Sharon Morriss

Modern Slavery requirements as well as sustainability and safety standards are “driving the need for greater scrutiny and due diligence—particularly looking at the sub-contracting space where the chance of malpractice might be easy to eventuate and harder to detect.” – Sharon Morriss

Clients are becoming more informed about sustainability… There is more awareness around operational energy costs and how design, construction and fixed appliances affects energy bills. “There is also more awareness about preventing discrimination through universal housing and how practical and flexible design that meets the needs of people of different ages and abilities over time, positively affects the future value of homes for owners or investors,” – Hayley Jarick

When looking for new suppliers, finding information about their past performance is valuable… Looking at members of relevant industry associations can also be helpful. After all, being a member is a statement of genuine commitment to a cause, such as quality, compliance, sustainability or social responsibility. – Hayley Jarick

 If you have a big, hairy audacious goal, you will do better than if you just aim for compliance. And you can have a massive [positive] impact just by making simple choices differently. – Hayley Jarick

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