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About Lendlease Construction


We push boundaries to create iconic places that are innovative, sustainable and commercially viable.

As one of Australia’s top construction companies, we are recognised for market-leading project management, design and construction services. We love a challenge and solving problems. Our clients come to us when it’s important: to handle complexity, drive delivery, offer strategic and long term value, and create innovative solutions.

Why are we involved in the School?

The Supply Chain Sustainability School and its resources will help ensure we are all speaking the same language, understand our sustainability priorities, and learn as we go. Organisations of all sizes are signing up to the School so they can grow the skills and knowledge of their people, make more informed, sustainable and cost-effective decisions, operate more efficiently and sustainably, and become more competitive in today’s market.

Sustainability commitment

Lendlease’s vision is to live in a world with temperature increases of no more than 1.5ºC and to be responsible for creating tangible measured social value on this journey. As part of its sustainability policy to achieving zero emissions by 2040, the company has set short, medium and long-term goals to reduce direct emissions and influence supply chain participation to address wider indirect emissions.

The following five steps are required to achieve our target: 

  1. Create a decarbonisation investment strategy in 2021
  2. Phase-out diesel and gas in our operations
  3. Use 100% renewable electricity before 2030
  4. Collaborate with supply chain partners to set pathways to zero carbon by 2040
  5. Collaborate with our tenants and residents to transition to renewable electricity by 2040

Eliminating carbon emissions from our operations has never been more important at Lendlease. The environmental target sets a new benchmark for eliminating carbon emissions in our sector.

Achieving absolute zero emissions by 2040 has set an ambitious challenge for Lendlease and we recognise we cannot achieve this alone. We need to collaborate closely with our supply chain to drive the shift to low carbon construction.

Taking action together

With a target as ambitious as ours, we need to collaborate with others. We are already working with our suppliers and advocacy groups to develop multilateral responses to emissions in the built environment.  There’s never been a more important time for our industry to come together to set ambitious global targets and collaborate to drive meaningful action. Lendlease has partnered with ResponsibleSteelTM, to bring together many innovative steel suppliers and manufacturers, to reduce emissions across the supply chain and joined SteelZero initiative to reduce carbon emissions in the steel industry. Important initiatives such as these create pathways towards achieving these targets and supporting industry transformation. We also intend to play a similar role in advocating for low carbon cement. As highlighted in our report, Low Embodied Carbon in Construction, a high level of collaboration and innovation by both suppliers and builders will be critical in delivering low carbon buildings. It is therefore vitally important to understand the roles these parties can play in incentivising and fast-tracking the uptake of low carbon building products.

Our suppliers help us to create and deliver better places. In doing so, the health, safety and well-being of our people and stakeholders, including people employed directly or indirectly within our supply chains is our priority. It is expected that all suppliers we work with share this same view.

Working with us

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our expectations and seeks to apply Lendlease’s Core Values in partnership with our third-party suppliers, consultants and contractors (Suppliers). It covers important issues such as health and safety, modern slavery, cybersecurity and sustainability. It is important that our existing and prospective Suppliers understand and act consistently with our Supplier Code of Conduct. You can find out more on Lendlease’s Supply Chain page.

Our Supplier Diversity strategy drives our engagement with suppliers from large to medium companies to sole traders.  We are increasing our relationships with small business, Indigenous owned, woman owned, and minority owned businesses.

The diverse range of suppliers and subcontractors strengthens our ability to deliver quality projects, enhances the capabilities of the small business community, and fosters a healthy business environment. As well as achieving measurable social impacts, supplier diversity drives a range of business benefits, including sustainability, flexibility, innovation and value.

In Australia, our Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) goals mean we are working with Indigenous partners to formalise the approach to procurement relationships, with a five-year program of growth. It outlines our commitment to First Nation’s people, acknowledging their unbroken connection to country, creating respectful relationships that provide opportunities for equal social and economic outcomes.

What to do next

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The Lendlease Supplier Portal is our new single point of entry for our suppliers – allowing you to register your interest in working with Lendlease, update contact and business information and access business critical documentation (like our Supplier Code of Conduct and GMRs.)
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