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Landcom NSW Suppliers

Landcom develops award-winning places for the people of NSW.

About Landcom

Landcom develops award-winning places for the people of NSW.
Landcom is a state-owned corporation that partners with the private sector to create quality residential communities that demonstrate leadership in sustainable urban development. Their aim is to create innovative and productive places that demonstrate global standards of liveability, resilience, inclusion, affordability and environmental quality.
Through Landcom's projects, they aim to create a legacy of sustainable places for future generations, and they do this through their Sustainable Places Strategy.

Engagement and Education

Landcom aims for steady improvement within its business operations. This means engaging and educating suppliers around key topics like Modern Slavery. As part of the tender process, Landcom now requires all major contractors to be members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Contractors can then complete a short series of free learning modules on this crucial Human Rights issue. The Supply Chain Sustainability School offers a free online learning environment with topics across a range of environmental, social and economic issues, which you can access once you are a member. See below for details on the Modern Slavery supplier training modules.

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Modern Slavery Supplier Training

Landcom’s Human Rights Statement affirms its commitment to human rights and acting to ensure its operations uphold and protect the rights of every person in its value chain. Part of this approach includes addressing modern slavery through our supply chain and in accordance with the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018. Landcom recognizes the value of partnering with suppliers to reduce modern slavery in its supply chains. It also recognizes the value of everyone in this partnership completing ongoing training in this area.

Landcom suppliers have a 6-months to complete the introductory 30 min program below.

Modern Slavery
Modern Slavery
Modern Slavery

Want to know more?

Thank you for completing the Supply Chain School Introduction to Modern Slavery learning pathway. Learn about Landcom’s progress in addressing modern slavery in the Modern Slavery Statement contained within the 2021 Landcom Sustainability Report.

There are plenty of great reading and training resources in the area of Modern Slavery and Sustainability in the Supply Chain School’s full resource catalogue.