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Podcast | Episode 12 May 2022

Podcast, Sustainability

Published 16th May 22 - by hillarysmith

People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 12

Welcome to the People Planet Profit Podcast.

I’m Hayley Jarick, CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and today I’m joined by Paul Klymenko as part of our Small Business Month podcast series.

Paul has worked in fostering sustainability for over 30 years with roles ranging from environmental research and campaigning to socially responsible investment, all with a common aim of helping make our society more environmentally sustainable.

He co-founded Planet Ark in 1992 and became its CEO in 2010. Planet Ark has become one of Australia’s most trusted and well-known environmental organisations through highly successful initiatives such as National Tree Day, Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, National Recycling Week, Recycling Near You and the Australasian Recycling Label . He is one the instigators of the new Australian  Circular Economy Hub which aims to inspire Circular Economy thinking in Australia.

In this episode Paul talks to us about five sustainable things small businesses should know about making a positive environmental impact, recycling and the circular economy.

Publisher: Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited.
Presenter/s: Hayley Jarick, Paul Klymenko

Podcast audio: People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 12 | Small Business Month, talking with Paul Klymenko