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Podcast | Episode 3 March 2022

Podcast, Sustainability

Published 21st Mar 22 - by hillarysmith

People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 3

Welcome to the People Planet Profit Podcast.

I’m Hayley Jarick, CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and today I’m joined by Michael Tomlinson.

Michael is the Managing Director of PointsBuild.

PointBuild is a Knowledge Fellow of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and specialises in online CPD courses for Australian Architects, Designers, Engineers, Builders, Trades, Certifiers and Surveyors.

Michael founded Pointsbuild in 2007, and is responsible for Pointsbuild’s leadership, company strategy, the execution of plans, and key partnerships.
His strategy is simple: he wants PointsBuild to be the best at what they do.

Michael has worked in various technology companies in Australia and internationally for the 15 years prior to PointsBuild.

He has experience in:

  • Business management and revenue growth
  • Team Leadership and Management
  • Account and Relationship Management
  • Established businesses & start-ups
  • Public Sector, Education, Construction and Information Technology industries.

We are going to talk today to Michael about:

  • Adult education in 2022
  • What non-sustainability professionals want to know about sustainability
  • Operating a small business from regional NSW.

Publisher: Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited
Presenter/s: Hayley Jarick, Michael Tomlinson.


Podcast audio: People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 3 Sustainability talk with Michael Tomlinson