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The Supply Chain Sustainability School has partnered with the Collaboration Of Merry Elves Overseas Network to deliver their Sustainability Action Noel Training Activities (COME-ON-SANTA).



‘Twas the month before Christmas, when all started to dread
The hanging of decorations, hidden in the back shed;
We’d delayed the tree, in all of its splendour,
Because we don’t have any gifts yet, to put under.

On TV, text and email, the shops have reminded us
To spend up big this year. blowing all of the bonus.
Alerts began to appear, at the start of October.
Come on, that’s a bit early. Halloween wasn’t over!

But before you rush out and max out your cards,
Please heed the messages from the Elves in charge,
“We have used all the biological resources Earth regenerated this year,
We need to change our ways. This much is clear!”

“The Collaboration Of Merry Elves, Overseas Network,
has online training activities for people in cities to Bourke.
If we all do our bit and make choices that are right,
we won’t just have a good Christmas, we’ll be able to sleep at night!”



“It is important that we bring joy to the earth and all people, not just joy to the families of children on the nice list. So, once again we have partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to upskill our elves and human supply chain on ways to make our operation more sustainable.”
COME-ON- SANTA spokesperson


This year more than ever the Collaboration Of Merry Elves (COME) are relying on their Overseas Network (ON) to ensure the successful delivery of presents to nice children during the evening of Christmas Eve and dawn of Christmas day. COME-ON will be responsible for logistics, quarantine, packaging and decentralised warehousing of gifts before the Christmas delivery window.

COME-ON member identities must remain confidential which has historically made face-to-face training and education programs impossible to deliver. Thankfully, the School’s on-demand modules and privacy protocols enable COME-ON members to securely create a free membership account and complete 2022 SANTA requirements from the comfort of their personal device and a flexible time that suits them.

“I am elated at our continuing partnership with the Collaboration Of Merry Elves Overseas Network (COME-ON) to deliver their Sustainability Action Noel Training Activities (SANTA) to the public this festive season.
Tapping into the School's existing resource library and Fellow project perks was a smart decision.  Our Fellows have collaborated to develop insightful and relevant sustainability resources.”
Supply Chain Sustainability School CEO, Hayley Jarick
(still hoping Mr Clause will switch back to his green suit)

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Sustainability Action Noel Training Activities (SANTA) is designed to educate COME-ON members on tactics to achieve this years’ COME-ON objectives.

(If you have additional suggestions, please send them to us here)

Reduce shipping capacity and embodied GHG emissions of gifts
Apply circular economy principles.
Give experiences over objects.
Pass on gift credits to those in need.
Limit physical Santa gifts to one per child.
Wrap gifts in reusable or recyclable packaging.
Avoid waste
Apply whole-of-life or circular economy principles.
Wrap gifts in reusable bags, use reusable bon bons, and limit physical Santa gifts to one per person.
Don't waste food. Only buy what you need. Use leftovers in a new dish. If you can't reuse then compost food scraps.
Avoid food packaging by buying fresh and taking your bags to the store/market.
Socially conscious purchasing
Don't buy products made with modern slavery or by producers who don't pay a living wage.
Choose to use social enterprises and indigenous businesses.
Environmentally conscious gifting
Avoid over gifting, its the thought that counts!
Think about the impact of each physical gift through its life cycle. Where did the materials come from? How were they made? How far were they transported? How long will it last in use? How can it be repaired? How can it be repurposed/reused? How can it be recycled? What will be the total cost?
Cost of money (buy/use/maintain/dispose).
Water cost (water to make, water to use, water to maintain, water pollution).
Cost of air pollution (greenhouse gases, sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and volatile organic compounds (VOC))
Cost of land use (mining, farming, forest clearing)
Lower operational GHG
Feed Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph lichen to reduce methane emissions from these ladies.
Use lighting with renewable power sources like solar or Rudolph's nose.
Just-in-time delivery
Expand the delivery window by getting recipients to bed early and sleeping in as long as possible.
Local procurement and warehousing
Avoid shipping transport emissions from the North Pole where possible.
Store locally acquired gifts close to the delivery destination in a secure location.
Festive singing has been a noise pollution and covert delivery risk for many years. Now with the increased risk of transmission of COVID-19, we recommend you don't sing indoors unless you are not on duty, vaccinated and can actually hold a tune.
Christmas time can be stressful for many families for many reasons. Be kind to each other and check in with vulnerable members to see if they are okay.
In the event that covert operations are compromised, explain to recipients the unique constraints COVID has placed on supply chains around the world and be kind to yourself; no one is perfect.
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