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Supply chain ethics are no longer optional

Published 18th Sep 19 - by Hayley Jarick

Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) 2019 conference “Unleashing Human Excellence to Deliver Value Across the Supply Chain” was held in Melbourne 17 – 18 September 2019.

Supply Chain Sustainability School CEO, Hayley Jarick, was invited to present on ethical supply chain management with Tony Broughton (Vice President Operations Thales), Rebecca Presgrave (Procurement Manager PZ Cussons), and Michel Jungo (Inventory Coordinator James Walker Australia & ASCI Risk Committee Member).

The panel discussed:

  • developing ethical supply chain management strategies,
  • why ethics are no longer optional,
  • understanding the ins and outs of responsible sourcing,
  • transitioning your supply chain into the circular economy through whole-of-lifecycle management,
  • verifying your supply chain sustainability to gain consumer trust, and
  • assessing the costs and impacts of your ethical supply chain strategy and ensuring strong value for money from your investment.

Other conference speakers enlightened attendees with insights into Operational efficiency in changing global supply management, supply chain management, operations management, logistics management, leadership, ethical supply chain management, the power of people & technology in supply chains, technology & innovation, and the future supply chain management workforce
Some of those insights included:

  • “I gained my strength from my weaknesses” Mike Chaffins, Nikola Motor Company (USA)
  • “Give people what they need not what they want” Mike Chaffins, Nikola Motor Company (USA)
  • “Technology is not good or bad. Its how we intend to use it.” Carter McNabb (Partner GRA Supply Chain)
  • Top 3 global trade risks: US recession, Chinese domestic slowdown, and US-China trade dispute. Michael Helleman (Austrade)
  • “Leverage from best practice businesses – local and global. Copy. Paste. Adjust.” Marie Varrasso (Former Director Supply Chain, Nike)
  • “Collaborate always. Learn from others outside your industry” Marie Varrasso (Former Director Supply Chain, Nike)
  • “Who made my clothes?” {https://vimeo.com/332146988} Rebekka Carey-Smith (Ethical Sourcing Manager, THE ICONIC)
  • “Procurement are the custodians of ethical supply chains”  Rebecca Presgrave Procurement Manager PZ Cussons
  • “The challenges of ‘visibility’ are technology, language and trust” Tony Broughton Vice President Operations Thales
  • Supply chain leaders need to communicate with the C-suite in the language they use. Judy Quirk Supply Chain Director Danone Nutricia
  • Give your team opportunities to grow in a safe place to fail – Sandra Indramohan Supply Chain Director Oceania Xylem