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The Great Sustainability Treasure Hunt 2020!

Published 08th Apr 20 - by Hayley Jarick

The Great Sustainability Treasure Hunt 2020!

This Easter we thought we’d try something new… a virtual treasure hunt through our resource catalogue! Hop through five quick resources to discover your treasure.


Hop #1

This modern slavery video is the second in a nine-part series.

HINT | Remember to log in before you start then hop over to our resource catalogue, filter the subtopic to ‘modern slavery’ and format to ‘video’. Leon will help you find the right video.

Hop #2

This local community and the economy document makes green crystal clear.

Hop #3

In this carbon and energy document, an industry trio reshapes the future.

Hop #4

This web link to a 2020 CDS in accordance with the TCFD recommendations that the G20 asked the FSB to produce, touches on many subtopic areas.

Hop #5

This video showcases three experts leading us into the future of our circular economy.

That’s it!

After you’ve completed all five resources, check out ‘Certificates’ in your personal dashboard (top left section) to see what treasure you’ve unlocked…