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The School Welcomes Hume City Council

Published 19th Jul 21 - by hillarysmith

Australia’s Supply Chain Sustainability School (the School) welcomes Hume City Council as a fellow, indicating the continued interest in broadening the accessibility of sustainability knowledge and competency within Australia’s local councils.

“We are excited to see more local council’s understanding the value of partnering with the School to provide ongoing beneficial education and resources in supply chain sustainability to their business and local region” said the School’s Chief Executive Officer, Hayley Jarick. “Sustainability means different things to different people, however at its core is a common understanding that the social, economic and environmental resources will be utilised in a fair, responsible, transparent and efficient way.”

Hume City Council is one of Australia’s fastest growing and culturally diverse communities and is home to more than 241,000 residents. Spanning a total area of 504 square kilometres, the city is located in Melbourne’s northern fringe, just 15 kilometres from the centre of Melbourne. Hume City Council seeks to be recognised as a leader in achieving social, environmental and economic outcomes with a common goal of connecting our proud community and celebrating the diversity of Hume.

Hume City Council has become a fellow of the Supply Chain Sustainability School to promote sustainable procurement to its staff, suppliers, and business and developers within Hume. The resources provided by the School will strengthen Hume’s support for the circular economy.

Their commitment to sustainability will ensure that they are aiming to live within the limits of the systems on which they depend so that future generations can also enjoy a good quality of life and fulfil their potential and that other species of animals and plants can also survive and flourish.

Growling grass frog
Martin Dillon Reserve

Partnering with the School, extends Hume City Council commitment to their strategies and plans including the adoption of their Greenhouse Action Plan, Land and Biodiversity Plan and voluntary pledge to tackling climate change within their own business operations and supporting community climate change adaption.

Other Local Government Fellows of the School include City of Whittlesea, Wyndham City, City of Port Phillip all in Victoria. The School has a custom Fellowship offer for Local Government that discounts the annual fee from $15,990 to under $2,975, so watch this space for more Local Government Fellows joining soon.


Hume City Council 

For more information visit www.hume.vic.gov.au

Supply Chain Sustainability School

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a School Fellow, visit our Fellow Page or contact Hayley.