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The School wraps a big year with big partnerships announcement

Published 17th Dec 19 - by

2019 was a massive year in terms of progress for Australia’s Supply Chain Sustainability School (the School) and 2020 is shaping up to be even bigger with the announcement of four new partnerships. The Cleaning Accountability Framework, CIMIC Group, The GPT Group and Talent Nation have all committed to collaborating with the School.  

“It’s an amazing compliment to all our Partners when new organisations come onboard,” says the School’s Chief Executive Officer, Hayley Jarick. “The cohort of The Cleaning Accountability Framework, CIMIC Group, The GPT Group and Talent Nation may sound like an odd mix, but the School is winning on many fronts at the moment so it’s not surprising to see newcomers from different arenas.” 

The Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) is an independent, multi-stakeholder organisation with the objective of improving working conditions for cleaners and promoting decent work across the property services sector in Australia. CAF aims to empower organisations to identify, remediate, and monitor compliance issues through their supply chains which are identified through CAF Building Certification. 

CAF takes an educative approach to compliance and has been developing resources and training modules to help building managers, cleaning contractors and cleaners to monitor ongoing compliance at their sites. There is obvious synergy with the School and CAF CEO, Poonam Datar, says that “working together, we hope to develop even more educative resources, particularly around labour rights compliance, for all stakeholders and interested parties to learn more about how they can promote and uphold responsible business conduct.” For more information on CAF visit: https://www.cleaningaccountability.org.au/ 

CIMIC Group is a world-leading infrastructure, mining, services and public-private partnerships group. CIMIC Group is committed to operating sustainably by leveraging its global experience and expertise and by integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their decision-making. At the core of their commitment to sustainability is being a trusted partner to clients, partners, suppliers, communities and wider stakeholders. Their sustainability approach is holistic and anchored in our Mission and Principles. Our Board, its committees and our governance framework, including our Code of Conduct and policies support, drive and track our sustainability approach and performance.  For more information on CIMIC Group visit: www.cimic.com.au/ 

The GPT Group is one of Australia’s largest diversified property groups and a top 50 ASX listed company. GPT owns and manages a $24.8 billion portfolio of retail, office and logistics property assets across Australia. 

GPT aspires to be internationally recognised for its leadership in sustainability. Sustainability practices underpin our day to day operations and are integrated into our organisational culture, stakeholder engagement, governance and business processes. GPT has long been committed to delivering sustainable outcomes for our business and stakeholders, and is a demonstrated leader in sustainability both locally and internationally. 

GPT says, “Our partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School will help facilitate sharing of critical knowledge and experience with our peers, suppliers and industry partners as we collectively work to address Modern Slavery. Their resources and case studies will help shape our Modern Slavery education and awareness programs, while at the same time enable the continual improvement of our business practices and those of the businesses we work with, through their competence in social, environmental and economic sustainability.” For more information on the GPT Group visit: www.gpt.com.au  

Talent Nation is a Certified B Corporation that specialises in roles to help drive sustainability and environmental agendas within corporate and Not-for-profit clients. Talent Nation believes real impact in sustainability initiatives can’t be made without the right people in place, and their mission is to unearth these people and connect them with the roles and businesses in which they will thrive. Talent Nation has extensive networks to tap into to fill the increasingly in-demand Sustainability roles, and the ability to identify candidates who have not only the skillset and experience, but mirror the values, passion and vision of their future employer.   

By becoming a Partner of the School, Talent Nation want to ensure that they understand the demands their clients are facing. Additionally, Managing Director, Richard Evans, says that we “recognises the strong role that the School has played in educating the market here in Australia. We are excited about joining the school as a Partner as we believe that it will continue to play an increasingly important role in transforming supply chains across Australia, and globally.” For more information on Talent Nation visit: https://talentnation.com.au/ 

Hayley Jarick says “It’s an exciting time to join the cohort of organisations partnering to achieve sustainable development through mass education. We’ve just created new Partnership categories to cater for the growing interest in businesses looking to collaborate and showcase their environmental, social and economic sustainability leadership. It’s not too late to join us and ride this exciting wave into the 2020’s!”