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The World in 2021

Published 15th Dec 20 - by Hayley Jarick

School CEO, Hayley Jarick, is featured in MHD Magazine’s December 2020 issue.

“The events of the last year accelerated evolution on many fronts. If you do not see it in 2020, look out for this in 2021:

Value beyond profit

We measure value with more criterion than ‘profit’. Expect to see more metrics used to measure alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals, Science-Based Targets, focus on social licences to operate, ethical sourcing, social procurement, climate action, diversity inclusion respect, and health & wellbeing.

Collaboration over leadership

The ethos of multiple players developing and maintaining unique processes and systems is disappearing, and the emergence of entities efficiently collaborating to create one superior shared solution has begun. Expect to see more vertical integration, deeper relationships between customers & suppliers, increasing process and operational transparency, circular economy, resource efficiency, flexibility, technology replacing labour, global partnerships, and local manufacturing security of crisis triggered goods.

Management over mitigation

The past is no longer the best predictor of the future. It’s no longer perceived as feasible to foresee and mitigate risks to businesses; instead, we need to be able to quickly identify and manage risk when it impacts us in a resilient way. Expect a tone shift with ‘disruption’ now seen as an efficient trigger for continuous improvement.”

December 2020, MHD Magazine, “The World in 2021” p40-41.