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Collaborative accessible education for a sustainable future

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What is the Supply Chain Sustainability School?

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The Supply Chain Sustainability School enables socially, environmentally and economically sustainable supply chains for all organisations in Australia and New Zealand through open access to educational resources.


The School is an industry-wide collaboration, led by our Fellows and Members whose Vision for the School is “Collaborative accessible education for a sustainable future”.


We aim to deliver this vision using shared values:

  • Collaborative – We build a consistent approach to developing sustainability skills through shared knowledge and resources. Our direction is led by our Fellows, and our resources are promoted by our Fellows and members.
  • Integrity – We deliver measurable impact through dynamic leadership and leading by example.
  • Inspirational – We inspire our Members and Fellows to drive positive change.
  • Inclusive – We exemplify respect for the planet, our colleagues and wider society.


We pursue the following charitable purposes:

  • advancing education aimed at developing core skills in social, economic and environmental sustainability.
  • promoting reconciliation, harmony, mutual respect, equality and tolerance between groups of individuals that are in Australia and New Zealand.
  • promoting human rights including but not limited to the elimination of racial discrimination, elimination of discrimination against women, the rights of the child, the rights of persons with disabilities as well as economic, social and cultural rights.
  • advancing the natural environment through educating the community about the natural environment, the preservation of flora and fauna, protecting native animals and preserving or rehabilitating habitats


Whilst Membership of the school is free, Fellows lead the School and pay an annual fee to fund the School’s operations. The School is administered by the CEO who is led by a Board comprising of Fellow delegates. The Board establish subcommittees and working groups as needed to govern and advise the School. The School licences our online infrastructure from the UK Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Code of ethics

The Supply Chain Sustainability School Code of Ethics requires all involved in the School including all Fellows, Contractors, Suppliers, Sub-contractors and Trainers to:

  • Respect the confidentiality of information and results
  • Complete all assessments and tests as accurate as possible and in good faith
  • Act with integrity and respect in dealing with other members
  • Acknowledge that the School is an open learning environment
  • Promote the School as a consistent approach amongst members for developing the sustainability skills of the construction supply chain
  • Encourage and support fellow members in developing their sustainability skills
  • Ensure no anti-competitive behaviour results from the business of the School.

In addition, the School’s administration and trainers will:

  • Ensure complete confidentiality of the information provided by participants and ensure that this is kept confidential at all times and not disclosed to any other Fellow, Member or third party
  • Act fairly and impartially in dealing with contractors and suppliers
  • Act with reasonable skill, care and diligence in all matters concerning the School
  • Strive to make sure that the School benefits the industry as a whole and minimises the burden on the supply chain.

Who is the School for?

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We are for everybody working in Australia and New Zealand. Companies, teams or individuals signing up can access a wealth of free resources and tools to meet increasing sustainability demands and performance benchmarks and to help build clever, collaborative and competitive industries.

We cover a wealth of social, environmental and economic topics. Kick-start your learning journey by completing a benchmarking assessment and receive a custom action plan with ten suggested learning resources to address any gaps in knowledge. Or you can work through any of our resources at your own pace, enrol in a Learning Pathway and attend events.

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