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About the School

We are a free learning environment that aims to create more sustainable supply chains for the property, construction and infrastructure industries in Australia

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What is the Supply Chain Sustainability School?

A world-class collaboration to enable a sustainable built environment

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The Supply Chain Sustainability School of Australia is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to create more sustainable supply chains for the property, construction and infrastructure industries in Australia. Launched in 2015, we are a free learning environment, upskilling those working within, or aspiring to work within, the built environment sector. We help to build a clever, collaborative and competitive built environment through increasing knowledge and competency of social, environmental and economic sustainability.


The School is an industry-wide collaboration, led by our Partners and Members whose Vision for the School is to be “A world-class collaboration to enable a sustainable built environment”.


We aim to deliver this vision using shared values:

  • Collaborative – We build a consistent approach to developing sustainability skills through shared knowledge and resources. Our direction is led by our partners, and our resources are promoted by our partners and members.
  • Integrity – We deliver measurable impact through dynamic leadership and leading by example.
  • Inspirational – We inspire our members and partners to drive positive change.
  • Inclusive – We exemplify respect for the planet, our colleagues and wider society.

Code of ethics

The Supply Chain Sustainability School Code of Ethics requires all involved in the School including all Partners, Contractors, Suppliers, Sub-contractors, Trainers and Delivery partners to:

  • Respect the confidentiality of information and results
  • Complete all assessments and tests as accurate as possible and in good faith
  • Act with integrity and respect in dealing with other members
  • Acknowledge that the School is an open learning environment
  • Promote the School as a consistent approach amongst members for developing the sustainability skills of the construction supply chain
  • Encourage and support fellow members in developing their sustainability skills
  • Ensure no anti-competitive behaviour results from the business of the School.

In addition, the Delivery Partner and trainers will:

  • Ensure complete confidentiality of the information provided by participants and ensure that this is kept confidential at all times and not disclosed to any other partner, member or third party
  • Act fairly and impartially in dealing with contractors and suppliers
  • Act with reasonable skill, care and diligence in all matters concerning the School
  • Strive to make sure that the School benefits the industry as a whole and minimises the burden on the supply chain.


The Supply Chain Sustainability School of Australia aims to:

  • Provide appropriate materials, means and motivation for supply chains across the Australian construction and infrastructure sectors to develop the competencies necessary to meet the opportunities and challenges that the sustainability agenda and changing markets present;
  • Offer a common language and consistent approach amongst the Partners of the School for developing the sustainability competencies of their supply chains so as to benefit the Australian construction and infrastructure sectors as a whole and minimise burdens and risks across their supply chains;
  • Promote this approach across Australian construction and infrastructure sector stakeholders to include those involved in the development and operation of buildings, homes, communities and infrastructure, and to freely share this approach with the industry as a whole;
  • Develop the School as a key delivery vehicle for improving the career pathways and up-skilling the sustainability competencies of the construction and infrastructure sector’s supply chain;
  • Deliver measurable improvements in the sustainability competencies of construction and infrastructure supply chains;
  • Achieve this purpose to the advantage of the industry and the supply chain, and where possible supporting the work of existing industry and not-for-profit organisations, not for a single contractor, group of contractors, projects or clients;
  • Ensure an inclusive approach by proactively engaging with construction and infrastructure supply chains across Australia;
  • Reach out across the breadth of the Australian construction and infrastructure sectors’ supply chains through a diverse range of School activities and events, using appropriate media and content;
  • Engage knowledge-based institutions such as universities, industry associations and research groups to support research and deliver research-supported content;
  • Provide appropriate means for innovation, technology and emerging best practices in sustainability to be shared across the supply chain.


Whilst Membership of the school is free, Partners lead the School and pay an annual fee to fund the School’s operations.

The School is administered by the Delivery Partner, The Net Balance Foundation, who employ a School CEO and collect fees for their services.

The CEO is led by an Advisory Board comprising of Partner delegates. The Advisory Board establish committees and working groups as needed to govern the School. There are currently two groups, they are:

  • the Audit, Risk and Remuneration Committee, and
  • the Education Working Group.

The Net Balance Foundation licenced the school from the UK Supply Chain Sustainability School which was established in 2012.

Who is the School for?

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We are for everybody working in the Australian construction, property and infrastructure sectors.

We cover a wealth of social, environmental and economic topics. Companies, teams or individuals signing up can access a wealth of free resources and tools to meet increasing sustainability demands and performance benchmarks, and to help build clever, collaborative and competitive construction and infrastructure sectors.

We provide targeted learning and support to address all the main sustainability issues including materials, carbon, environmental management, waste, water, biodiversity, ethics, community, climate adaptation, procurement, as well as human rights and modern slavery.

Kick-start your learning journey by completing a benchmarking assessment and receive a custom action plan with ten suggested learning resources to address any gaps in knowledge. Or you can work through any of our resources at your own pace and also attend workshops and supplier days we deliver around Australia.

Register today and find out how we can help you gain a competitive advantage and make a real difference to your business.

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