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Modern Slavery

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery can take many different forms and refers to instances of human exploitation where the victim cannot refuse or leave. The 2018 Global Slavery Index estimated that there are over 40 million victims of modern slavery practices worldwide with around 15,000 victims in Australia. Many Australian supply chains lead directly to the Asia Pacific region where it is estimated there are over 30 million people in human trafficking, forced labour or debt bondage situations. Many people became aware of modern slavery when the Australian Government introduced the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Bill in 2018.

Modern Slavery Resources

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Modern slavery

The Modern Slavery Act in Practice – strategies & processes for action. This half-day workshop from 29 Aug 2019 in collaboration with GHD and ISCA showcased how leaders in the sector were preparing for the requirements of the Act and implementing change throughout their supply chain for greater transparency as well as raising awareness of human rights and modern slavery issues. Through case studies, a panel discussion and peer-to-peer learning participants dived into the strategies, processes and actions required to shift practices to a new level, towards the eradication of modern slavery up and down our supply chains. The event aimed to provide a greater understanding of the new modern slavery legislation, what it means for the Australian Government, business and industry.

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