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IS v1.2 Innovation Challenge 6

IS Rating Scheme Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges have been developed by ISCA to encourage projects, assets and organisations to pursue sustainability initiatives beyond the current IS rating scheme criteria and contribute to beyond business-as-usual sustainability outcomes. Projects that meet the requirements outlined in Innovation Challenges will be rewarded through the Innovation category of the IS rating scheme.

 Innovation Challenge – 6 Supply Chain Education

Innovation Challenge – 6 Supply Chain Education seeks to encourage the sustainability education of project employees so as to achieve continuous improvements in sustainability outcomes. 2 points can be awarded for training provided for at least 80% of the project employees, contractor and sub-contractor workforce. The workforce is defined as any person who works more than five (5) days on the project site.

All employees must complete:

  • Climate change adaptation e-learning module
  • Materials e-learning module
  • Waste e-learning module
  • Biodiversity e-learning module
  • Sustainable construction e-learning module

In addition, contractors and sub-contractors must complete:

  • Environmental management e-learning module