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Local Government Sustainable Supply Initiative

About the Local Government Sustainable Supply Initiative

Welcome to the local government sustainable supply chain initiative.  This is a resource for local government officers and suppliers.

Sustainability in the supply chain is key to improving environmental, social and economic outcomes in local government and the communities they support. This includes making better use of resources, re-using or recycling existing resources, reducing carbon emissions and addressing social issues such as employment, health and wellbeing, and fair labour practices.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School provides tailored learning resources to suppliers, potential suppliers and council purchasing officers to improve sustainability knowledge and capacity and therefore better integrate sustainability requirements into their procurement approaches and decisions.

As a local government supplier, you can register with the School and access hundreds of free sustainability learning resources to help you get ahead and take a step towards:

  • more efficient and profitable businesses
  • smarter supply chains
  • improved local innovation, leading to employment opportunities in the local areas as suppliers emerge that are better placed to meet the councils’ or other organisations’ needs.
  • greater economic, environmental and social competencies of suppliers and councils
  • reduced environmental impacts
  • a healthier and more sustainable environment for residents
  • a healthier and more sustainable working environment for supplier employees and council workers
  • better social and community outcomes

It’s everyone’s job to protect the way we live, learn and work by sharing knowledge and acting on matters that concern our environment, our economy and our community.

So we’re well on our way, but more needs to be done. Sharing knowledge is just the start. Make sure you send this link to your clients, colleagues and suppliers and encourage them to register too.

This program began as a collaborative project between the Supply Chain Sustainability School, EY ECO-Buy, the City of Port Phillip, the City of Whittlesea and the City of Wyndham, funded by a $75,000 Collaborative Councils Sustainability Fund Partnership Grant from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria.

Follow these simple steps:

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