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Learning Pathways

Creating and tracking a curriculum for your suppliers and colleagues

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A ‘learning pathway’ is a tool that allows Fellows to create custom curriculums for internal colleagues, priority suppliers or any School Member.

Fellows can choose from the School’s full catalogue of resources and pick their own curriculum of specific activities relevant to their sustainability requirements.

Resources accessed via a learning pathway count towards a company’s membership level with the School and historical activity checks means you will never need to complete a resource twice.

Types of learning pathways

Priority Supplier Learning Pathway
This type of learning pathway is available to Fellows only. These learning paths are allocated to a Fellows' priority suppliers, and can be completed by anyone associated with that suppliers' account. Suppliers who complete these learning paths will achieve a badge which is displayed on their company dashboard.
Individual Learning Pathway
This type of learning pathway is available to all Members. Admins can set up an individual learning path which is then allocated to any individuals in their company account. It's very useful for Admins who wish to ensure their colleagues have completed specific resources.
Self-enrol Learning Pathway
Self-enrol learning paths can be set up by School admins or by a Company's admin. They are published to a course catalogue where users can pick and choose which learning pathways to enrol in at any time. Learning Pathways created by other accounts will not be visible - should you wish to share your self-enrol learning path with other Members, please contact the School Team.

Request a new self-enrollable learning pathway

Use this form to submit a request to create a new self-enrollable learning pathway that will be available to ALL members.