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City of Whittlesea

Priority sustainability learning resources for suppliers to City of Whittlesea

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Why is City of Whittlesea involved in the Supply Chain Sustainability School?

City of Whittlesea, through its endorsed Community and Corporate Plans, Whittlesea 2040: A place for all long term vision, Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2012-2022, Zero Net Emissions 2022 Plan, Procurement Policy and numerous supporting guidelines, is committed to sustainability outcomes.

Opportunities will be taken through City of Whittlesea’s procurement activities to support these outcomes and generate economic, social and environmental benefits whenever it is practicable and achieves value for money.  These benefits include:

  • Local job creation and stronger local economy;
  • Diversity of suppliers (eg female-led, indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse, supported disability workplaces, social enterprises, small and medium enterprises etc);
  • Reducing unethical labour sources and conditions in the supply chain;
  • Protection or restoration of ecological systems;
  • Clean air, water and land;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Efficient use of resources, including reducing waste production, and water and energy consumption.

City of Whittlesea has partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School so suppliers can access free online sustainability training that will assist City of Whittlesea’s supply chain in collaborating with Council to deliver on its sustainability commitments.  The Supply Chain Sustainability School provides tailored learning resources for both Council suppliers and staff, so to improve sustainability knowledge and capacity and therefore better integrate sustainability requirements into procurement approaches and decisions.

How will participating in the Supply Chain Sustainability School help meet City of Whittlesea’s supplier requirements?

Organisations of all sizes are signing up to the Supply Chain Sustainability School so they can grow the skills and knowledge of their people, make more informed, sustainable and cost-effective decisions, operate more efficiently and sustainably, and become more competitive in today’s market. Because the e-learning modules correspond directly to City of Whittlesea’s objectives, suppliers will be better placed to understand what these requirements mean to them and City of Whittlesea will be in a better position to meet its sustainability commitments.

Engaging with the School

As a supplier to City of Whittlesea, we request that you follow these simple steps. As you’ll discover, signing up is easy and free, and your membership gives you access to an ever-growing range of resources, materials, e-learning modules and templates.

Step 1: Join
Register as a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School by clicking the signup icon in the top right of your screen – it’ll take you less than a minute and you'll be able to access all the learning resources immediately. If you already have an account please log in.
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Step 2: Assess & Benchmark
Complete a company self-assessment to gauge your organisation's level of sustainability knowledge and benchmark yourself against your future performance. You will then receive a customised Action Plan containing suggested relevant learning resources.
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Step 3: Start Learning
Select the relevant industry category from the list below and complete the resources in the list. You can also work through the resources listed in your Action Plan. By regularly completing resources your organisation will climb membership levels from Member to Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Relevant City of Whittlesea documents
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Construction & roads
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Parks & open space
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Professional services & consultants
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Repairs & maintenance
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All other industry areas
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Relevant City of Whittlesea documents

Construction & roads

Modern Slavery

Professional Services & consultants

Repairs & maintenance

Cleaning and security

All other industry areas