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Green Building Institute


The Green Building Institute (GBI) is a leading education provider for green skills in the building and property industry. It provides and promotes nationally recognized qualifications in sustainability and sustainable practices in the property and construction industries.

They create and co-ordinate nationally accredited training and education for property professionals and construction trades, with a focus on online education. Individuals who have sustainability skills in the property and construction industries are recognised by their Green Property Professional Program, Energy Smart Builders Program and the Green Tradies Program. The Green Building Institute promotes sustainable and efficient building technology and resources, the benefits of sustainable buildings, ways to reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, reduce water use and protect natural resources, with a focus on practical training at the ‘boots on the ground’ level.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Supply Chain Sustainability School to provide expertise to technical committees or advisory boards, and to make our award-winning training platform and content available to the SSCS partners and students. The transition to sustainability that our industry urgently needs can only be achieved by the sharing of knowledge by leaders.”