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Sustainability Victoria

Industry Partner


It’s our job to protect the way Victorians live, learn and work by sharing knowledge and acting on matters that concern climate change and the way we manage our resources. Our goal is to become Australia’s most sustainable state by 2030, and a global leader in sustainability solutions by 2050. And we’re well on our way. But more needs to be done. Sharing our knowledge and know-how is just the start.
We create real-world change by fostering real-world solutions via our programs that inspire individuals, households, schools, communities, businesses and local authorities to embrace sustainable practices. We fund great ideas and help bring them to life. We connect great minds and inspire new generations to tackle the challenges that face us all.
Sustainability is a space where wild imagination, real-world data and hard work combine to drive positive action today to create a more positive future. Victoria is an amazing place to live in. It’s up to all of us to help shape the State of the Future.