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Why are we involved in the School?

This project will be engaging with businesses from sole traders and small businesses to medium-sized and large organisations and so we’re keen to work with our suppliers to ensure that we are all speaking the same language, understand our sustainability priorities, and learn as we go.

Organisations of all sizes are signing up to the School so they can

  • grow skills and knowledge,
  • make more informed, sustainable and cost-effective decisions,
  • operate more efficiently and sustainably, and
  • become more competitive in today’s market.

Because the School catalogue of resources corresponds directly to our objectives, suppliers will be better placed to understand what these requirements mean to them and we will be in a better position to meet the environmental, economic and social goals of our projects.

This gives you the freedom to add lots on text and images to the page without it overbearing other content. Also a good function for Question and Answer content.

This gives you the freedom to add lots on text and images to the page without it overbearing other content. Also a good function for Question and Answer content.

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Adding a video is a great way to present information for audible learners. Precord a message from your Project Manager or Sustrainability Leader. Or host an online webinar or workshop and link to the recording.

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About {Partner/s}

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{insert text about the business/JV here}

{Partner} expects that suppliers will be able to achieve the School’s ‘Silver’ membership status within 12 months and ‘Gold’ within 24 months.

Contact forms

Customise a contact form for your page. This form can email you or a group of people directly without disclosing your email address to the public. Here an example from the MTMS Project:

    Next Steps

    {PROJECT} has partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to provide free sustainability learning resources for staff, key contractors, suppliers and partners, so that not just every project – but every part of the supply chain – can be more sustainable.

    There are three key steps that {PROJECT} would like you to take. After all, everyone plays a part in creating successful, sustainable projects:

    Sign up or log in
    Membership is fast, free and simple.
    Log in
    Complete a Self Assessment
    This will help you understand your own (and your organisation’s) level of sustainability knowledge. It will also give you your free sustainability learning action plan.
    Start learning
    Start learning by completing the learning resources below (projects can choose any set of resources from the catalogue)

    Show “latest” or “individual” resources with grey/white background preset to four resources per row…

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    And paragraph explanatory text.