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Podcast | Episode 11 May 2022

Podcast, Sustainability

Published 10th May 22 - by hillarysmith

People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 11

Welcome to the People Planet Profit Podcast.

I’m Hayley Jarick, CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and today I’m joined by Wendy Bezzina and Rebecca Green as part of our Small Business Month podcast series.

Wendy Bezzina has a passion for social change and making a difference in the lives of others. She has seen first-hand through running a social enterprise how the investment from business and governments can make a significant difference to the lives of marginalised people and improve their opportunities for meaningful employment. Wendy is dedicated to championing social enterprise procurement to build a fairer and more equitable Australia and am fortunate at Social Traders to combine my passion and skills in overseeing our Social Procurement, Certification and Impact teams.

Rebecca Green has worked for 15 years driving change and helping them to leave a positive legacy. She has supported Social Enterprise, SME, and Indigenous Businesses towards economic growth and sustainability through billion-dollar construction projects. At Social Traders, Rebecca lead the team in delivering our services to business, government and certified social enterprise members. We support connections between our members through the journey of social procurement.

In this episode Wendy and Rebecca talk about things small businesses should know about becoming and working with social enterprises.

Publisher: Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited.
Presenter/s: Hayley Jarick, Wendy Bezzina and Rebecca Green

Podcast audio: People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 11 | Small Business Month, talking with Wendy Bezzina and Rebecca Green