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Podcast | Episode 27 with Jim Green

Podcast, Sustainability

Published 02nd May 23 - by hillarysmith

People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 27 | With Jim Green

Welcome to the People Planet Profit Podcast.

I’m Hayley Jarick, CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, and in this episode I’m joined with Jim Green who is the General Manager, Strategic Procurement at John Holland.

Jim has worked in construction and engineering for his entire career, with extensive time spent in the infrastructure, building, mining, and oil and gas sectors. Not only does Jim have multi-sector experience he also has spent long periods of his life working outside Australia in far-flung locations such as the Highlands of Scotland,  Houston Texas, Korea, and Mongolia.

Jim’s diverse experience has allowed him to deliver innovative procurement solutions that fit the environment in which they will be delivered, while focusing on the implementation of international best practices in the supply ecosystem.

Jim is also the new Chair of the Board of the Supply Chain Sustainability School in Australia and New Zealand.

Publisher: Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited
Presenter/s: Hayley Jarick and Jim Green

Podcast audio: People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 27 | With Jim Green