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Podcast | Episode 6 April 2022

Podcast, Sustainability

Published 13th Apr 22 - by hillarysmith

People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 6

Welcome to the People Planet Profit Podcast.

I’m Hayley Jarick, CEO of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and today I’m joined by Dylan Frank.

Dylan spent his life growing up in the Blue Mountains spending his weekends either surfing or helping his dad out in the field. With a Degree in Commerce, Diploma in Surveying and Masters in Business Administration, Dylan is the Managing Director at Wumara Group.

Wumara Group is a proud 100% Indigenous owned and managed Land and Construction Surveying company. Their aim is to provide Indigenous Australians with employment and education opportunities. Their Indigenous heritage has enabled them to gain exclusive membership with Supply Nation and the New South Wales Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. And they have strong alliances with some of Australia’s biggest companies and Government Departments.

I am proud that the Wumara Group are the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s first Indigenous Fellow.  Welcome Dylan.

  • What is it like running an Indigenous business in Australia?
  • 3 things you wish procurement people knew about indigenous businesses?
  • 3 myths you want to see busted in 2022?

Publisher: Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited.
Presenter/s: Hayley Jarick, Dylan Frank.

Podcast audio: People Planet Profit Podcast – Episode 6 Talking Indigenous Business with Dylan Frank