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Want to sit in the drivers seat?

Published 10th Aug 23 - by Hayley Jarick

advisory groups banner image

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is seeking expressions of interest for its new advisory groups.
These groups will lead the collaborative charge to review existing and develop new learning resources, events and communications. We are on a mission for collaborative accessible education for a sustainable future with a goal of covering all industries across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand by 2030.

If you know a thing or two that can help us on our way, please join one of our advisory groups. The group in no particular order are:

Supply Chain

Industry-specific resources and growing the School to cover all industries by 2030


Environmental, economic and social sustainability topic revisions and new resource creation

Australian Indigenous First Nations

School’s RAP, School’s policy development and member resources

Aotearoa New Zealand

Market-specific customisation, growth and resource creation.

Local Government

Industry-specific customisation, growth and resource creation.