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Do’s and Don’t of Manufacturing

Published 04th Sep 23 - by hillarysmith

by Hayley Jarick

Responsible manufacturing is a hot topic. In the B2C and B2B worlds, transparency demands are increasing threatening to expose all the dirty little secrets shamefully lurking in the shadows. Ethically, manufacturers have a choice; step up or shut down.

The success of Australia’s manufacturing industry in the future will be founded on three pillars; innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. The resulting vibrant ecosystem will foster knowledge-sharing, accelerate growth and drive Australia’s manufacturing sector towards unparalleled prosperity.

Here are my top ten do’s and don’ts for sustainable manufacturing:

DO collaborate internally, as well as up, down and across your supply chain.

DO value all resources – no waste of any kind.

DO continually up skill your workforce.

DO cultivate a safe, fair, respectful and inclusive workforce.

DO align your efforts with the SDGs.

DO source your materials from responsible sources.


DON’T greenwash – ensure claims are backed by transparent and credible evidence.

DON’T directly or indirectly use forced labour or labour practices that violate human rights.

DON’T ignore the impact of manufacturing activities on local communities, biodiversity, and ecosystems.

DON’T be left behind.