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The School Welcomes five new Fellows for the end of 2022

Published 16th Dec 22 - by hillarysmith

The Supply Chain Sustainability School Limited (the School), a registered charity, welcomes five new Fellows, for the end of 2022.

BIC Services, Circular Australia, Informed 365, Investa, and Mornington Peninsula Shire have joined the School’s Fellow community to help continue to create free resources for sustainable business.

Hayley Jarick, CEO of the School, said with the increase focus on sustainability of supply chains and businesses moving towards a more sustainable future, the School is seeing new businesses and government keen to be part of the change in business.

“The School continues to grow with new businesses and local government becoming Fellows as sustainability comes to the forefront of business strategy and how their business can make a difference,” Hayley said.

“Businesses and Government at all levels, are seeing the benefits of delivery a sustainable business offering.

“However, many businesses, local Councils and State Governments are still grappling with how they achieve this up and down their supply chains.

“This is becoming very evident with the approach of the Olympics in 2032 being hosted in Brisbane and the greater South-East Queensland region, the School is seeing a huge interest in our growing list of free resources and our expert knowledge base.” Hayley said.

The old trend was to train internal staff using a self-developed learning management system. Then the challenges emerge that those learnings need to be duplicated with supply chain partners, and there are data security risks with opening internal systems up for external use. The School was created to resolve these challenges years ago and also enables Fellows to use their limited resources more efficiently by not duplicating training materials that already exist and are open to everyone, and we need everyone to work collaboratively in a sustainable system to stop ongoing damage and repair historical harm.

Hayley said the School is thrilled to welcome our latest Fellows BIC Services, Circular Australia, Informed 365, Investa, and Mornington Peninsula Shire to the School. Each of these five organisations brings a wealth of unique expertise and knowledge to the School and members.

“The School provides each of these new Fellows a tangible sustainability commitment, plus access to an extensive network and collaboration opportunities,” Hayley said.

“The School also provides these organisations with free access to a credible and secure industry platform to merge their resources with other industry resources for colleagues, staff, customers, suppliers, shareholders, projects and community groups,” Hayley said.

BIC Services, Circular Australia, Informed 365, Investa and Mornington Peninsula Shire join an accomplished list of School Fellows, collaboratively driving a better sustainable business future for Australia.


Interested in learning more about becoming a School Fellow? Visit our Fellow Page or contact Hayley.