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Stockland - their projects and supply chains

Stockland is one of the largest diversified property groups in Australia, owning, developing and managing a large portfolio of retail town centres, workplace and logistics assets, residential communities and retirement living villages. Their vision is to be a great Australian real estate company that makes a valuable contribution to communities and country alike.

Stockland and sustainability

As a real estate owner, manager and developer, Stockland believes that the opportunity and responsibility exists to create the right balance of social, environmental and economic conditions for communities, customers and investors now and in the future.

Your role in Stockland’s supply chains

Stockland has partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to provide free sustainability learning resources for staff, key contractors, suppliers and partners, so that not just every project – but every part of the supply chain – can be more sustainable.

There's six key steps, and a few key resources, that Stockland would like you to get across.
After all, everyone plays a part in creating successful, sustainable projects:

1. Make sure you are registered with the Schoolyou can do that here if you haven't already – and registration is fast, free and simple. Then come back to this page!

2. Complete a Self Assessment to understand your own (and your organisation’s) level of sustainability knowledge, and your free sustainability learning Action Plan will be provided - the Self Assessment pathway is here.

3. Watch the Stockland Sustainability Induction Video - you'll find that at the base of this page, or you can open it in a separate window here - and Stockland would like all staff, key contractors, suppliers and partners to watch this resource from beginning to end.

4. Complete the ‘Sustainable Procurement’ elearning module – this new module takes around 30 minutes and covers important sustainability, procurement and supply chain elements.
If you’re logged in, you can access it here.

5. Discover the ‘Human Rights and Modern Slavery’ elearning module – this new module will take around 30 minutes and explains some of the current issues around Human Rights and Modern Slavery in the supply chain, how they're relevant to you, and what you can do. 
If you’re logged in, you can access it here.

6. If you work on Built Form / Homes projects, do the ‘Livable Housing’ elearning module – this new module takes around 15 minutes and helps you get to grips with what ‘livable housing’ really means, why it’s relevant to you, and what you can do.
If you’re logged in, you can access it here.

Stockland and their future supply chain

Stockland is always improving how well they do things, as well as managing the risks that are a part of any procurement, project or supply chain, to help things run as efficiently as possible. They do this by following their Sustainable Supply Chain Charter that sets out how they can achieve the most sustainable outcomes by working WITH companies in their supply chain, and procure goods and services from businesses that ‘get’ what they do.

They also want to create enduring employment and economic development around their developments, and that means working with companies on better outcomes if they’ll work, learn and grow with Stockland. If project teams and sub-contractors can understand the importance of their role, from project design to procurement to delivery, we can achieve world-leading outcomes and long-term success.

You can find out more about Stockland's sustainability strategy, policies and performance at 

Enjoy your sustainability learning journey!

Stockland's Sustainability Training and Induction Video

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